Monday, 15 April 2013

How to replace your car leather seats

Leather car interiors can become worn and eventually will need replacing. However, did you know that you can replace your old leather seats with new ones yourself? There is no need to go to a specialist car interior shop, you will not only save money but, if you take your time, you can have your car interior looking as good as new in a few hours.
[Please note, we take no responsibility for any damage that may occur].

Things You'll Need:

  • Wrench
  • Ratchet
  • Extension
  • Socket
  • Screwdriver
  • Hog rings and pliers
  • Hog-ring cutters/Tin Snips
  • Scissors
  • 3M upholstery glue
  • Heat gun or hair dryer
  • Leather cleaner
  • Rubber hand squeegee
  1. Use the wrench to remove the bolts from the front seats. Carefully push back each seat to check for electrical wiring. Disconnect any electrical connections from underneath the seat. Put the bolts in a safe place, as you will need them to reinstall the seats.
  2. Take the cushion off the back seat. Locate the two screws securing the front part of the cushion to the carpet. Remove the screws using the screwdriver, take the cushion off, put it in a safe place.
  3. Use the wrench to unfasten the bolts from the armrest. Push the seat back and up to detach it from the car. Put all the components in a safe place.


  1. Take the plastic trim from the front seat cushion. Turn the seat so, it is facing upwards. Use the wrench to unfasten the four bolts securing the cushion to the frame. Locate the J hooks, these are the plastic pieces that are attached to the outside frame of the seat. You should see the seam of the leather inserts. Carefully pull the Velcro away from the foam.

  2. Take the headrest off by, applying pressure to the button on the side of the headrest bar, and pulling upwards. Turn the seat upside down. Locate the J-hook, use the scissors to cut the hog rings, if the seat has a zip unzip it. Pull the leather up, take off the hog rings and pull up the leather further. Bring the cover up and over the seat and it should easily come off now.

  3. Take the backseat cushion off, turn the backseat upside down, find hog rings and J-hooks and remove them, by cutting them. You can now take the cover off the seat.


  1. Put the new leather on the front seat cushions by pulling the leather through the hog rings. Use the same foam seat cushions, put the plastic parts of the chair back in their rightful places. Use the scissors to cut holes for the headrests.

  2. Use the scissors to make tiny slits where the headrest posts will go. Push the leather under the headrest posts to hide the excess.
  3. Reinstall the backseat cushions by wrapping the cover round the foam neatly, Hog-ring the outside of the cushion and tuck excess leather into the attachment points.
Hey presto, your seats should look as good as new!


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Monday, 8 April 2013

Choosing the Right Car Dent Repair Company

Does your vehicle look like it's been driven through a hail storm? The dent damage, dings, and other car exterior damage can be successfully restored using the proper provider. Scuffs N Scratches is Liverpool based, reasonably priced, quick, and very effective at returning your car or truck to its previous glory. Our paintless dent repair system fixes dings and dents without causing other damage. The sheet metal is restored from behind, so there is absolutely no sign of the fix. It only takes 1 or 2 hours to perform the fix and we can do this work whilst you are doing something more interesting with your time.

We provide an honest, reliable and professional service around Liverpool since 1996

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Monday, 1 April 2013


Does your car have scuffs & scratches within the paint or car paint blemishes you’d wish to do away with without going with the expense and hassle of managing an entire body paint shop?

The car scratches become more and more annoying to you ever before due to the fact you initially observed them? Car paint fix is simply not difficult and time consuming after you get sound details and commit on your own to subsequent a couple of easy-to- have an understanding of instructions.  A huge number of motor vehicle owners have found this mega-money-saving reality, and now have professional shopping paint work they’ve finished efficiently themselves.

Small paint scratches and imperfections can easily be repaired by car owners who’re ready to take the point in time to perform the work appropriate and carefully progress with the necessary methods for specialist motor vehicle paint repair.

The primary factor to comprehend is that touch up paint presented by car dealers is just not the best resolution for your challenge in case the scratch you’re wanting to fix is obvious from a distance.

Should you check out an car dealer complaining in relation to small scratches and dings you can see at a distance of six feet or even more away from the car, they will certainly desire to sell you touch up paint instantly, promising it can be all you should repair the scratch. Never fall for this sales pitch, since touch up paint certainly not blends perfectly together with your car’s paint and will certainly only design yet another possibly, even worst eyesore.  Basically, you will only be changing a scratch on the car’s paint surface with an uneven blob or gob of paint that will certainly be just as annoying because the scratch was. Touch up paint is only helpful for quite little nicks and scratches and almost nothing a lot more.

To repair scratches and nicks as part of your car’s paint, you initially will need to cautiously sand the scratch down, employing 240-grit sandpaper, in the beginning, then heading to 320-grit sandpaper, doing work gradually to assure you’re making an even and easy surface in which the scratch utilised for being. Deeper scratches should be sanded with 800-grit moist and dry sandpaper.

If you are happy the surface is sufficiently flattened and smoothed, clear the region to become painted thoroughly, getting rid of all dust, debris, sand, and many others., after which evenly apply the primer. Last but not least, you will following apply 3 coats of colour through the primed spot, and end up the paint repair position by applying a coat of distinct coat.

Be specific to permit plenty of period for each coat to dry completely, fifteen minutes or so, prior to applying another coat. And do not attempt your vehicle paint repair task if the temperature is beneath 55 degrees, or else you will get inferior final results.

The above advice is for minor scratches but for really deep scratches it would be a good advice to go to a Car Paint Repairer such as Scuffs 'N' Scratches in Liverpool about the severity of your car’s paint scratches in advance of starting your task otherwise it may be a wasted effort.   They will be happy to advise and even give you a price to see if it is worth your time and effort.  They also carry out car body repairs, car dent repairs, alloy wheel repairs, car bumper repairs and they will be happy help with any of these repairs.

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