Tuesday, 1 April 2014

6 Tips to Reduce your Car's Fuel Consumption

We share our top tips for being kind the environment and your wallet while you drive.

There's no two ways about it, cars are expensive to run, and if we listen to expert opinion the fact that we're driving more and more isn't doing wanders for the environment either. So, we've come up with some 'green' driving tips that will kill 2 birds with one stone and reduce the environmental impact and fuel consumption as you drive.
Get friendly with your garage
While getting your car serviced can seem like an annoying expense having it looked at regularly (exactly how often will depend on the number of miles you drive) will help to make sure its in tip top condition, improving the longevity of parts such as tyres and exhausts, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and optimising fuel consumption.
Pump it up
Tyre inflation is one of the main determinants of a car's fuel economy. So, by making sure the tyres of your car are consistently inflated to the correct pressure (performing weekly checks will help with this), your tank of petrol will last longer and consequently you'll decrease the amount of CO2 your car releases into the atmosphere.
Plan ahead
Where possible you should plan your journeys to avoid busy, congested times as the less traffic on the road, the less fuel you'll burn stopping and starting, braking and crawling in traffic jams. As a result of journey planning you should also spend less time travelling which will again reduce fuel consumption - good for mother nature and your wallet.
Cruise along
Use cruise control wherever possible as this helps to keep your acceloration even and minimises fuel burning speed fluctuations that human drivers cause.
Lose some weight
Emptying your boot and removing your roof rack whenever its not in use will help your fuel consumption no end for the simple reason that your car will be lighter to move around.
Fill it up
Next time you take a trip to the petrol station watch how you fill up. Fuel economy-wise its much better to run your tank right down before you top it up as fuel evaporates each time you remove the petrol cap so obviously the less you can do that the less fuel is lost to the atmosphere. Its also better to stop at the first click as if you continue filling beyond this there is a possiblity that you'll simply loose the excess fuel as you begin to drive.
So, by following these tips and practicing eco-safe driving you can make your car much more environmentally and wallet friendly. Call in the experts from Scuffs 'N' Scratches Car Body Repairs Liverpool  to make sure your car is ready for the summer sun and tick one more thing off your checklist.  We can make sure your car is in tip top condition from alloy wheel repairs, dent repairs, paint repairs, car paintwork repair

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